Fourfive – I Promise I’m Happy

PRODUCER(S): Gekko, Zetra, Damma, Malcom Johnson, Wolph, Sham

Another impressive artist by the name of FOURFIVE released his latest project, I Promise I’m Happy. FOUR debuts eight new songs with that ever-so gracing melodic flow. Coming from the East coast, FOURFIVE has been putting in the work lately and this another example of the his hard work ethic. Some of the top songs off the album definitely has to be “I Promise I’m Happy”, “Love Didn’t Happen”, & “They Ain’t Ready” which are defining songs and whole sound of of IPIH. Hopefully we get some visuals with this tape as I’m highly enjoying it during my quarantine. In the meantime, check out FOURFIVE’s new tape I Promise I’m Happy out now!