Jaymond Kreek – Times Are Changing (EP)

PRODUCER: Jaymond Kreek
ENGINEER: @mixedbyprince
COVER ART: @bloodynxse

We love presenting fye artist to you guys and today is one of those days. From South Florida, by way of Pembroke Pines, Jaymond Kreek¬†shows us why he’ll always be a force to be reckoned with in the near future. Times are changing is the series of tracks that Luke Skywalker was blasting in his helmet the second he blew up the Deathstar. Just like a Jedi, the South Florida musician kicks riddling gems in this self produced, passion and rage infused, heavy hitting and diverse trio of songs.

Not one track feeling the same as the last, but each giving you a unique, but easily enjoyable experience. Personal reflections turned into audio dope. This is a true conquest of shamelessness, indulgence and the pursuit of happiness. Jaymond Kreek continues to revel in his glory, all while cranking out premium content, relentlessly. Solidifying his pathway to greatness, no matter what lies ahead. There will surely be more from the young artist on CitrusRap. Mark our words.