Florida Fiya – Velasco (Album)

PRODUCERS: Florida Fya, Ricardo Fierro, Caleb Sarikey & Aston Marton
STREAM: via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

Florida Fiya has been blessing our site with music since the start of his journey as an emcee. Fort Myers rapper, Florida Fiya has proved before on CitrusRap that he can hold his own on the mic, but Velasco is another excellent showcase of what elite looks like. Velasco is a display of a range of emotions and events that suit the title so well. From fast cars to money making. From psalms of every day life to heartbreak. Florida Fiya using his talents and ear for sound to paint the best picture of “Velasco“. There are tracks for every feeling and opportunity.

No features whatsoever, Florida Fiya continues to show fire in his eyes and a snarl in his growl as he proves why his skills never lie. An 17 track itinerary of pure gas was delivered by the Lee County phenom. Mostly produced by frequent collaborators Dub, the mixtape also features sounds from Ricardo Fierro, Caleb Sarikey, Aston Marton and even Florida Fiya himself.

Tracks like “Major League” shows us versatility with his melodic flows and bashing rhymes. While the Dub produced “Almond Milk” gives a familiar rhythmic and hypnotic flow, it passes all tests of being a banger once you realize that you’ve been head bobbing the entire two minutes. Then you gotta run it back.

It’s safe to say that Florida Fiya is back to make a run at the charts. With bodies of work as appealing as this one, the entire state of Florida is likely to help catapult him back into the front lines of stardom. So hop in your whip, give Velasco a listen while you ride and prepare to put this album on repeat.