Blxxdshot – Icey (ft. STZ & Envy)

COVER ART: @xoverxpr

Following the momentum of “3Pacc”, his latest wave crashing track, Blxxdshot brings in his Puerto Rico counterparts, STZ & Envy, to form a trio of madness on “Icey”. A song of great energy and self assurance, produced by Gee.

With Blxxdshot setting the initial tone with the opening verse, STZ carrying the message further while also delivering strongly when in the spotlight. Then arrives Envy, to give yet another great display of fluid like flows and lyricism, adding more gasoline to the track’s combustion. These young emcees took action into their own hands to ensure that the track would remain a banger with an onslaught of bars for the entirety of the three minutes that the song lives. In the words of URL’s Geechi Gotti, “EVERY FUCKING BAR!”.

Stay alert because these guys are looking to make some serious noise this year, much farther than Florida and the island of Puerto Rico. And it damn sure looks/sounds like they have the tools to do so…