Philo Worldwide – I Don’t Know (Video)

DIRECTOR: Hunter McGehee


Men lie. Women lie. But numbers don’t. Philo Worldwide, owner and CEO of 900 Worldwide, is here with a triumphant tune for his continuous winning streak titled, “I Don’t Know”, with production handled by Kiwi. The track hit 7 thousand plays on the video premiere already, so it was only right to bring it back. While fans patiently wait for an official project to release, Philo continues to impress with his lavish flows, melodic bars and hard hitting beat selection to mesh the track perfectly. While the ever so growing Hunter McGehee aka shotbynaf, who’s name has been ringing heavily in these video streets assists on the visuals to match this hit single. An ideal song to blast at anytime of the day when your desire to flex exceeds all other needs. Play this at loud volumes and make sure your haters are paying attention while you’re singing along.