Let’s start off with who is Kapri and where is he from?

Kapri is an eccentric 19 year old Mexican-American kid from Santa Ana, California who has some crazy ideas and plans some people might not get just yet but he knows for certain they’ll come to life one day. A kid who loves to work in and out of the studio. 

What was your early childhood life growing up in Santa Ana?

Life as a kid wasn’t the worst but it definitely wasn’t easy by any means. I grew up living with my two brothers, two sisters and mom in a two bedroom apartment. As a kid, almost everyday was a struggle. Not seeing my pops very often and getting suspended and expelled from schools. Santa Ana really shaped me become the person I am today. I met my girlfriend of 4 years there and man you just see it all, from robberies to carjackings to even seeing my eldest brother get killed in the hands of the Santa Ana police department. That was the hardest thing for me to swallow growing up in the city. Santa Ana, I promise you is super underrated when it comes to talent, a lot of great aspiring artists from actual graffiti to Mexican music to rap to clothes to even soccer players and pro skaters. I grew up around it all.

What are some artists that you were listening to early on?

Some of the artists I used to listen to early on as a kid was Tupac, Big, DMX, Big L and that was because of my brother who really put me on to rap music. I vividly remember poppin a burnt CD my brother made me, into my CD walkman and walking to the corner store bumping NAS ‘Got yourself a gun’. Eventually I drifted off into artists like Pharrell, Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, A$AP then indie music like Mac Demarco, and The Buttertones to eventually liking music from Fat Nick & Buffet Boys to even Corridos, which is mexican music, tapping in with my roots. 

So let’s get to it, when did you start getting in to music?

Music was always a thing for me. When I felt sad? Music. Mad? Music. Inspired? Music. I started off with a group of guys at my high school fucking around, eventually dropping a diss track that later people said was really good, so I rocked with it. I kept going and met one of my good friends, EIGHTY, who let me borrow his studio on the weekends and at times recorded in my room off garageband with one of my friends. Eventually I linked up with Flexatelli, who really fucked with my music at first. Crazy thing is me and him talked in 2012 when I “tried” to start rapping but it never went through, Mind you I was 12 at the time lol, but yeah I got introduced to the whole 12k studio thing 6 years later in 2018 with him and I feel like that was where he helped me find my sound and what audience I should gear towards. 

Was it always a passion or did that work ethic come later in life?

My work ethic came from my mom. She taught me how to work, of course coming from Mexico illegally there was no other way.  My mom never really had ONE stable job, she had a bunch of side hustles and eventually made her own business but what really stuck in my head was when we would go to the swapmeet and sell car parts just to pay the rent. I went every weekend from 5:30AM-4:30 PM for about 5 years straight. That really taught me, okay this money is not gonna come easy, we really got to work for this shit. So in everything I do, I either do it 110% or don’t do it at all. 

So being from the west coast, how has that impacted your music?

Versatility, forsure. seeing the variety of music to come out of the west coast made me wanna make my music and the way I rap different every time.I often get my music compared to those from south Florida like wifi or nick but that’s because my taste in beats are like those from there. But every now and then I try recording stuff people can vibe too. Stuff that someone would DJ at a house party or a club you know? That’s what west coast is all about the vibe, the beat. 

As the year gets started, what do you have planned?

I have a lot planned actually. A lot more visuals, different variety of new music, some big features and of course shows hopefully a tour! Stay tuned! 

You’ve already had a few releases so far, such as “Double Clutchin” the music video. How do you feel about that release and so forth?

That was one of my favorite songs I actually recorded in 2019. I usually do one verse tracks but Flex pushed me to do a song with 2 verses on it that night which was my first time doing it. The video was shot in my hometown of Santa Ana and was actually the first ever visual I dropped as well which is crazy to think. The cover was actually done by my blood brother Cesar who SNAPPED on it, he’s been hand drawing all my cover arts so shout out to him, one of the best up and coming artist right now. I’ve been getting so much great feedback off of it but for me there’s always room to grow, “how can I make my next video go harder, next song better” and just whatever I have to do to fill In the shoes of the greats, I’ll do just that. 

What are some goals you have for the next year and the years to follow?

So many things and Ideas I have in mind.  Drop more content forsure, be more consistent and just be a great overall artist. In doing so like I said go on tour and perform at upcoming festivals etc. 

Anything else you would like to add?

NEW SONG “MILLY” produced by Flexatelli of course, with a video coming out at the end of February or early March. Stay tuned for that. I promise y’all it’s way better than anything else I’ve put out so far. Every song we’re elevating!


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