INTERVIEW: The Future of South Florida w/ Eli Hawkins

Eli Hawkins is a dynamic young professional with diverse education and experience in directing marketing communications and event production. A keen ability to assess both client needs and organizational objectives to define and execute the most effective operational strategies. Demonstrated persistence in exceeding goals, with proven success in utilizing clear and precise communications to enhance quality results.

Eli has previously worked with iHeart Radio, Circle House Studios, and Midtown Studios Miami.

Eli currently has an event company that specializes in events for the college market. In recent years our events have featured artists such as Young Thug, Kodak Black, Rick Ross Maybach Music Group, XXXTentacion, Ski Mask the Slump God, Wifisfuneral, Yung Bans, Playboi Carti , Retch, Pouya, and Denzel Curry.

I should start off by asking who is Eli Hawkins? Also, where are you from originally? 

Eli Hawkins is a dreamer, Eli Hawkins is someone that loves bringing his ideas to life. I’m a hardworking Young Black Male, Who loves working with other creatives who are equally passionate about there craft and as my brand grow I try to bring my peers along with me. If I would have to sum it up I’m I would say I’m culture Shifter. I’m originally from Carol City , a small city in south Florida hometown to Rick Ross, Denzel Curry. 

Where did your love for music come from?

My love for music Has always been rooted from my family but once I grew up Music started to become my safe place. especially when bull shut would be happing in my life,I would always turn to music rather that be creating it,producing it, showcasing it, or even just being around it. Music has always been my safe place and I think that’s where my love comes from. 

A major question I have is, how did you get so involved in the south Florida scene at an early stage for our generation? 

So I was first introduced to the south Florida scene by Denzel Curry in my freshman year of high school, at carol city high school they had a early morning school program for kids that needed help with there homework. So I would be in there, Denzel would be in there and the tutors would let’s us use the computer to work on our homework, So this is around time Raider Klan had just started up, they we’re building there whole movement. And Denzel would put me on to all there music on Datpiff and I would be like wtf this isn’t traditional Miami rap it sounded like a whole new sound. So after I left carol city I moved to Miramar And that’s where I met my best friends and we started throwing Events under Xlaced we all had a love for discovering South Florida artist like Raider Klan, Pouya, Lofty 305, ao we throw our first show and started booking the same Artist that we we’re listing to while giving Artist from our city a chance to perform. And from there everything just took off! We started booking bigger actsSo in recent years, you’ve put on events that have featured the likes of Kodak Black, Rick Ross Maybach Music Group, XXXTentacion, Ski Mask the Slump God, Lil Keed, Glokknine, Lucki, and many more.

How did it feel to accomplish these things and bring the music right to the fan?

It feels good to have accomplished all these things But when I first started I never look at it, that way or like it was a major accomplishment. Just because I was a fan first and it felt like I was doing my duty as a fan And someone that wanted to be in the industry. I just really had I high appreciation for the art form And the Love of music. 

As 2020 gets underway, you just announce the Coi Leray tour. Are you excited for this and what can we expect? 

Ahhhhh man I’m so hyped for this tour, it’s going to be one hell of experience. I just really wanna execute me and my team vision for this tour, rather that’s from the venue,the lighting, You guys can expect a lot of surprises a lot special guest and overall a lot of dope female talent coming from south Florida. It’s gone be a sold out show We already Sold out on the first tier of tickets. So if you don’t have a ticket I’d advice you to get one!!! For Miami Date and Orlando!!!! 

What are the dates for this exciting tour and where will it be taking place?

January 31st for the first stop in Miami, February 2nd for the Orlando date, then we’re back in Orlando I’m the 13th for Danny home coming show.

Are there any big expectations for this tour or you just happy to be apart of it?

I’m expecting a crazy ass show lol, like with most of my event I really try to put out positive energy and make sure everyone is having a good time, Network and discover new talent. 

We also peeped that you are putting together the Danny Towers, Orlando homecoming show. This to me is a huge deal, what do you think of the momentous occasion that will be happening on February 13th?

Yoo Danny Homecoming show is going to be crazy I’ts a huge deal to me, I’m Honored for the opportunity to even present Danny HomeComing Show in Orlando. It’s gone be another sold out event!!! And I’m ready to make history on the 13th. 

Danny Towers has been working endlessly to get where he’s at right now, what can you say about that? 

That’s a fact. Danny been grinding for a minute and to see where he’s at right now, is inspiring I think it gives inspiration to a a lot of artist coming out of Orlando. And If you think about Danny and Glocknine really like the first artist to pop from Orlando in a minute. So I feel like it giving hope to a a lot of upcoming artist from the Orlando. 

What was that significant moment in your life/career that you knew hosting shows, being behind the scenes, etc. was what you wanted to do for the rest of your life?

It’s actually not what I want to do for the rest of my life,I mean solely. I’m a creative, I enjoy making music I enjoy the creative process of producing a record and I’m into fashions Designed, I also enjoy film. It’s all art to me. And this year and the years to come I just plan on show casings more of my artistry, Helping More Artist, And of course more lit Party and tours!!!!!

Well the year is just getting started, what else can we expect? 

SO MUCH MORE… So y’all keep rocking with the boy and supporting the movement and I’m just keep pushing the culture forward. How do you go about discovering artist and what do you look for in an artist I really have a love for discovering new music rather that’s spending time on YouTube, scrolling through Instagram or just going to different events. II look for inspiration like if artist can’t inspire me then I most likely won’t work with them.