INTERVIEW: Goosymane

Before we get into the thick of things, who is Goosymane?

 First and foremost GoosyMane is an immigrant. I’ve travelled from place to place my whole life. GoosyMane was an outsider, but now I’m a conqueror. GoosyMane is a man of his people, everything I do is for Latinos and kids that grew up like myself. Most importantly GoosyMane is God’s tool put here for a righteous purpose, whatever that might be.

Where are you originally from? How has the played a part in your music and who you are in general?

Originally I’m from Venezuela. That alone influenced everything I am today. That alone politicized my entire existence on this planet. Coming here at such a young age at times I turned my back on what I truly was for years. Now at the age of 25, I thank God everyday I was born where I was. Our history runs deep and the pride I have for being Venezuelan is directly reflected in my art.

What was Goosy’s early life like?

Growing up in Venezuela life was good. I can’t really complain my family was well off. It was when we came to US that we learned what struggle was. My parents worked all sorts of minimum wage jobs to keep food on the table and the lights on. I’m thankful for it all though because it made me stronger. We’re all doing better now, but it was a long road. A road that not only taught GoosyMane valuable life lessons, but my whole family. Lessons we had to learn in order to be successful in this country.

Everyone has influences, what would you say some of your influences are? 

Pimp C, Wyclef Jean, Shakira, Calle 13, Wisin y Yandel, Don Omar and Big K.r.i.t just to name some..

When did you start making music and taking it serious? What was the turning point?

I would say when I was 21 and moved back to Orlando after living in Houston for 5 years was really a turning point. A turning point not just in my artistry, but in my work ethic. Spring 2018 I would say was probably the moment when All this music shit really started making sense and gaining more traction for me. People began to respect my music for what it was and I think that was when I found my sound.

So you have this new song, “Tumbala” that is out now! What can you say about this record and your direction with it?

 Tumbala is the second track I’ve ever released in Spanish and it’s the first single off an upcoming project. I went through a good 2 months where all I listened to was Latin American music. I knew I wanted to experiment with the “technobow” sound and after a couple drinks Tumbala was born in the studio. The main goal was to make people shake some ass though, honestly. Tumbala is just a taste of the project I have coming. I experimented with many different Latin sounds and obviously I have some of the GoosyMane heat my American fans are accustomed to! Just know whatever comes next in 2020 it’s gonna be my biggest moves yet.

We can see that your heading more into your heritage with the Spanish influence on your records. Can you tell us more about that?

 I’m glad you touched on the topic. Honestly, for a long time my family told me I should make music in Spanish, but I always said “it’s not time yet” “they’re not ready yet”. The truth is maybe I was afraid I wouldn’t be taken seriously as a rapper if I was to make music in Spanish or that it wouldn’t gain traction.. Fuck all that negative thinking though! I feel as I was denying myself of a mission I was destined to take. That mission is to speak out on the issues of my people while also empowering them and letting them know they should be proud of who they are. Part of that mission is to make my people shake some ass and party too because it’s part of our Latin American experience! The rhythm is within us, it comes from Africa and our Native American ancestors! Latin Americans are powerful. I want all my brothers and sister to feel that power when they listen to my music. We don’t have to be what they want us to be, we’re so much more. That is why I HAVE to dive into my heritage with my art. I was born to tell this story.

What are your plans for 2020? Videos, records, any other endeavors.

Definitely have a few music videos on the way. A whole project. More partnerships with brands, bigger shows, EVERYTHING! We all in 2020 and to infinity and beyond. FUCK WHAT YA HEARD BITCH IM THE ONE ITS ME GOOSYMANE THE MUTHAFUCKING TROPICAL TYCOON. AMOR Y PAZ PA TODA MI GENTE- Goosy