Citrus Rap Presents: Best of 2019 (Staff Picks)

2019 was yet another monumental year for Florida and its respective rap sector. As new faces arrived and existing talent continued to excel, it came at no surprise to see a headline at the end of the year read: “Is Florida The New Atlanta?”

Though it was flattering, the answer to that question is simply, no. Florida has its own unique identity, especially when it comes to music. Any comparison made to the 305, 954, 561, 407, 813, or 904, respectively, is a setup for a poor argument. It’s safe to say that, overall, the sunshine state is overlooked and labeled incorrectly very often. The fact of the matter is that there is such a wide range of rap being offered, from the Panhandle to Miami, that no box could ever be put on Florida—and that is exactly the dynamic that separates it from the other regions.

With all of that taken into consideration, the CitrusRap staff has compiled the best rap to come out of Florida this year. It was not easy, but certainly necessary in order to properly highlight our choices for Florida’s impressive output in 2019. When viewing, keep in mind that this is compiled of our staff’s opinions, so the last is certainly not least. We hope you enjoyed 2019 as much as we did. Be sure to keep supporting Florida rap in 2020 and beyond!