Prime Society – BUCK TEETH (Full Album)

“BUCK TEETH” is the latest full-length project by Arizona based hip hop trio Prime Society. A melodic, punchline packed reintroduction to true artistry. The group’s self-produced EP touches on topics such as dealing with personal losses (such as Infin8 losing his Grandmother), to overcoming life’s toughest obstacles, and even having to evade police. Prime Society opens up with “Moonwalking”, a strong introduction where singer Shy supplies the perfect support to Infin8’s raw rap lyrics. “Ain’t no Kylo Ren, I off these kids like Anakin” is one of the many boastful lines from the group’s main MC Infin8.

On the track “Rick & Morty,” brothers J. Reid Prime and Infin8 go bar for bar over the bass-heavy banger produced by J himself. Prime then turns to the peaceful vocals of Shy on the guitar-laden track “Satria” featuring Kal the Thot Slayer of The Color 8. Shy sings about not having time to waste especially knowing the future he is destined for. The project is sprinkled with mini skits that serve as transitioning points between tracks. J. Reid provides unorthodox production for Infin8 and Lil Ty on “Bowser”, allowing the group to show diversity.

By the end of track 7 “Duckin the Law”, you should feel like you know the 3 members as Infin8 gives one last verse letting you see a vivid picture of what his life has become. The finishing touch is the voicemail left by his father encouraging the group to stay together through the ups and downs of the music industry. “BUCK TEETH” is Prime’s latest and most fulfilling work yet and although it’s only 7 tracks, it’s a wholesome piece of art.

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