Gat$ – Cardiac Coupe (Prod. CHASETHEMONEY)

STREAM: via Spotify/Apple Music
UPCOMING ALBUM: Drops & Robbers | TBA

Following the momentum of Gat$’ iconic and memorable Rolling Loud NY performance, with the help of CHASETHEMONEY, the ensemble makes their long awaited collaborative debut with “Cardiac Coupe”. A psalm of great energy and self assurance. CHASETHEMONEY set off a firey spark with the instrumental. But with Gat$ setting the initial bold tone in the opening chorus, he continues carrying the brazenfaced, yet vigorous message further in the lone verse, while in this short lived spotlight. A godly display of interchanging, fluid like flows and lyrical gas, adding to the track’s combustion. Stay alert because Gat$ is looking to make some SERIOUS noise much farther than the state of Florida. And it damn sure looks/sounds like he have the tools to do so.