Outside World member Three D. Swayze just dropped a video to his hit single “Papi Mocosso”. He’s an up coming artist out of Tampa. Him and his team have been consistently producing and releasing content and climbing their way to the top. Check out his new video and get to know more about Swayze as an artist below .

  • Are you originally from Tampa?

Nah, I’m from multiple places. My pops was military so I spent a lot of time moving around growing up. Tampa is where I settled and I’ve been here for the last 6 years.

  • What is “Outside World” to you ?

Outside World is group that consists of 9 all around artist from photographers producers and rappers. I mean at first the group started out as an inside joke between Fetti Suo and our manager Dee Illz when  we ain’t really have intentions for doing music, but as time came goes on we really just started to feel brotherhood within the name. Our goals with it is to become a powerhouse within the music industry and put for each and all of our family.

  • What is the most recent event you performed at?

The haunted traphouse, Big shout out to 109Kenna for putting Outside World on the show, that event had some of the hardest grinding folks on Tampa’s music scene involved and performing.

• What is the most recent single you have released?

That would be “Papi Mocosso”. It features my bro Fetti Suo and is Produced by an artist out of Berlin Germany named Ein junge. It dropped October 19th. Originally the video was supposed to be a mock version of Fat Albert but it just ended up being a high energy music video with everyone on the getting hype and turning up with each other. The video was shot by ImaniB (Seizure Mode)

  • Do you have any new releases dropping soon?

I got a new single that’s scheduled for release Jan 12th called “Fuck Jeff Bezos”  ft Richie Guapo. Be on the look outside most definitely makin noise all year round and we plan to continue that hype.

Check out “Papi Mocosso” HERE

Instagram : @threedswayze