Danté – protoTÉ

Tampa artist Danté just released his 7 track EP , protoTÉ last Tuesdaay. The EP kicks off with the high energy party banger ” INTRO – WTTZ”. Each track has a different sound , from the fast and upbeaat track “IK” (prod. by NappyHeadedFool) to the mellow , chill  “”OMH” (prod. by KurryGoat , where he pours his heart out on the track and lets us hear his vocals. The song that stood out the most to me was “MDL” produced by one of our hometown favorites , Santiago Purp. The boom bap sound mixed with his flow and delivery created a masterpiece that makes it almost impossible to NOT nod your head to and vibe to the music. Overall the whole EP delivers an original and creative sound. Go stream it and keep an eye out for his new releases.