T.R.A.P – Highlighting a New Era in South Florida

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We hear about wonderful success stories of perseverance and prevailing – here is one of those amazing stories that hits home because it’s from our very own Sunshine State – South Florida to be exact. The creator of House of T.R.A.P Inc. known as Tune the Abstract has prevailed beyond comprehension “I used to sleep on the floor. I used to post up in front of the corner store all day and get my lil work off. I had to fight for this. I had to take major losses for this..’ exclaims Tune about his experiences to get to the point where he is.

The main focus of the brand House of T.R.A.P Inc. is to instill a sense of community within music, within hip-hop, with the nuance that it is much bigger than music; it’s about culture and life. I met Tune over a year ago and I will say from our first interaction we hit it off – two driven individuals focused on a similar vision; community and uplifting others. I knew he was different from a lot of other Artists I’ve encountered, once opened up and shared his personal experiences I understood why: the adversity and experiences he has faced made him who he is today. Nothing is new to him, but everything is filled with love and transmuting the “bad” into positive.

Everything that is a part of his brand has to do with bringing awareness to community and culture, the acronym T.R.A.P stand for Take Risks And Prosper – he returns to those same corner stores he would post up in front of, and benches he would sleep on to feed and assist the less fortunate surrounding those communities. Ten percent of all proceeds of the beanies sold on the House of T.R.A.P site ( CLICK HERE ) go to the less fortunate. Pleas stay tuned for so much more to come from this incredible Artist and Brand. Click on the website link above to follow their journey and purchase any House of T.R.A.P Inc. clothing and help uplift our community.





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