Jessy3D – Karma Demo LP, Vol. 1


Jessy3D is a Recording Artist from Miami, FL. Since 2011 he has been curating different styles of music production and began producing experimental hip hop and electronic music also writing his own music. “I’ve always had the mentality of doing several things for myself, especially when it came to making my music. I would record and engineer myself, make album artwork, distribute it… anything to let people know that I am dedicated to making something happen however my vision allows me to” expressed Jessy3D about his creative process.

He began to record the first half of the project November of 2018, during a very introspective time; he became unemployed and the project became his sole purpose to focus on. The name Karma is something that has resonated with Jessy3D for some time so he decided to incorporate it into the projects name hence the title Karma Demo LP, Vol. 1 – I cannot wait to see more growth in his music, as an artist because he has so much potential and so much to gain from putting himself out there. It is why I chose to support this brilliant up and coming artist from Miami. Click the link to STREAM NOW! CLICK HERE