Don’t Let Up: A Sit Down w/ Mike Smiff (Interview)

Mike Smiff is one of Florida’s prominent stars in the making. From a steady elevating grind from the early 2010’s, which lead to him signing a deal with FL powerhouse label, Slip-N-Slide Records. This was merely the start of his rise, as he continued to set the streets on fire with his mixtape Chase Dis Money, featured tracks with Trick Daddy and Yung Miami and touring all throughout the country. This has been quite a journey for Mike Smiff.

With his highly anticipated project, All Gas, No Brakes 3, featuring his lively single “My First Hunnid” featuring Gank Gank, set to be released July 2nd, we got a chance to ask the young Miami legend in the making a few questions that have been burning a hole in our journalistic minds. Check it out below.

What was it like growing up in Miami-Dade? 
A:  Miami Is A Beautiful City! The Best Back Drop In The World. It has great Weather, Palm Trees, Beaches & Pretty Women! Unfortunately, the average person who was born & raised in Miami Don’t Get To Enjoy All that Miami Has To Offer as Far As The Luxury Night Life & Things We See In Movies! It’s 1 Bridge that Seperates The Rich From The Poor & Your Perspective On Miami All Depends On What Side Of The Bridge You Grew Up On.
When did you know you wanted to be a musician?  
A: I fell in love with music Before I Fell In Love With A Girl! I Wrote My First Rap In The 2nd Grade. The Moment I Found Out There Was Money That Could Be Made Doing Something I loved To Do I Was Sold.
Who are some of your favorite producers to work with?  
A: I like locking In With 2/3 Producers & Just Go Crazy. I Feel That’s How You Create Your Own Sound & Vibe! Right Now I’m Locked In With 3 Producers out of Florida
Make It Bang, Rippa On The Beat, & Schife.
What inspires your music? 
A: All Of My Music From The Old To The New Is Inspired By Real Life! Things I Seen, Been Around & Heard! Places I have Been, My Everyday Feelings & Thoughts. Really All Of My Personal Peaks & Valleys.
What should fans expect from “all gas no breaks”? 
A: They Should Expect Growth! I Got So Much Better Since They Last Heard Me. I Know Who I am & What I Stand For Now, So I’m More Confident and More Polished. From The Word Play To The Content To The Beat Selection. This Is Definitely The Best You’ve Heard Mike Smiff
What songs are you most excited about?  
A: I’m Excited About Every Song For Different Reasons!! It’s Been 2 Years since my last project so I’m just excited to be Heard & im so confident in the music. I know they gone love me for this one.
How did you get the inspiration for my first hunnid?
A: My First Hunnid Was Definitely A collaborative effort Between Me & Gank Gaank. Just Us both coming from the trenches Not having anything & now being blessed to be in a situation To Be winning after taking so many Ls. Man We Finna Get this bag & Go Stupid.
What was your favorite part of working with city girls?
A: The Best Thing For Me Was To See How Hard Yung Miami Works! It Took 3 Studio Sessions To Finish That Record & Everytime she Had Something Going On Right Before Or Right After, but She Just Got It Done! I don’t think she gets enough credit for her work ethic man. It was really inspiring to see. It made me step my game up a notch.
What advice would you give to an artist On The Rise? 
A: Don’t Let Up!! Your Name Has Made It Into Rooms That You Havnt Walked In Yet.

Mike Smiff is letting it be known that he isn’t slowing down anytime soon. So we advice that you all fasten your seatbelts and enjoy this trip to stardom.
All Gas, No Brakes 3 set to be released on all platforms tomorrow!
Mike Smiff