MARCTHEPROPHET – Prophet! (Project)

STREAM: via Apple Music/Spotify

Eight tracks of sheer mayhem with an elegant overtone. Prophet! is an addition to the warfare that MARCTHEPROPHET has initiated. An album fueled by pure emotion. The Florida rapper continues to give us something to stir up this year’s musical debate, adding fuel to the fire that he ignited months and throwing everyone off of the FL rap thrown that he’s claimed. Note, that this is his FIRST project ever. Completely setting the bar into outer space for the rest of the rap community.

The introduction to Prophet! is a straight up body blow called “Cold World”. Perfectly titled, of course. It features a strong, bass filled beat that MARCTHEPROPHET manipulates flawlessly with his gear shifting flows and throwing a hay-maker or two ever so often, fused with heavy melodics to sing your soul out to. Never missing a punch.

A treasure chest full of gems such as the high energy filled madnes from “No Rest” and “King Tut” featuring Whisper The Coke God, and our personal favorite, “Neverland”. This man and his army (Wolf Pack ENT) is a force to be reckoned with and should never be taken lightly. Doing it in the most organic and arrogant way so far. Not only does this seem like it’s sport to him, but it’s child’s play in some way. Convincing us that he has something dynamic hidden up his sleeve and this is barely the tip of the asteroid. I just pray that the world is ready for the turn up before time runs out.