The Singslayer – Bend the Knee (Video)

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STREAM: Apple Music / Spotify / Tidal

PRODUCER: Cameron Dietz

DIRECTOR: Flowercop

After getting co-signs from notable celebrities such as Marlon Wayans, DC Young Fly & Ken Jeong, the South Florida artist Cameron Dietz has stepped into his alter ego Singslayer with his latest single “Bend The Knee”. The record is inspired by HBO’s TV phenomenon Game of Thrones (hence the name Singslayer) and laments on his fear of commitment and regret of losing a significant other because of that apprehension.

“Bend The Knee” is a mesmerizing record by the multi-talented artist. He puts together an sultry & smooth R&B record that easily sticks to you within the first listen, it’s irresistible. Cameron has mellow vocals that carry soul within then and sets a cruise sailing tone that’s perfect for those late night drives. His witty wordplay and writing style is something to take notice of as he makes countless references to Game of Thrones. “If I fool You once you kill me twice / On my mama and the lord of light”.

Alongside of releasing “Bend The Knee”, the singer, songwriter and producer Cameron Dietz also provides visuals for the record. Filmed by Flowercop, we get a slight peek of Cameron’s creative process and some spicy behind the scenes fun. Cameron or shall I say “Singslayer even takes a Up a notch by putting on medieval knight armor for the video.

Dietz is an artist take notice of and its great to hear more R&B artist as the new regime has begun for this generation. For more Cameron Dietz’s music you can click here.

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