JDU8Z – The Best Days of Our Lives (Mixtape)

STREAM: Apple Music / Tidal

PRODUCER: EZN, Brandon Kai

JDU8Z, the Tampa Singer & Songwriter, has followed up his debut EP, 2AM IN TAMPA BAY, with an introspective mixtape. THE BEST DAZE OF OUR LIVES was delivered with melodic realism of the ups & downs of being an artist, versus everyday life. With EZN, A Gifted Reject, and Brandon Kai handling majority of the production, they made this out to create a jazzy, passion-filled project that incorporated many acoustic instruments. THE BEST DAZE OF OUR LIVES was JDU8Z analyzing his surroundings, and how the people in it change as he is faced with the many different pressures of being an artist, while maintaining everyday problems. On his featured single ‘Rain Ah Fall’ featuring Reg Blak & Polo, they talk about how differently we deal with dilemmas or heartbreak and while most will fold on him, he remains progressive in his artistry. Another joint that stood out to me was “Champagne Dreams”, also featuring Reg Blak & Polo, but they gave a great summary track for the entire project from a sonic and conceptual perspective. The project-titled track “The Best Days Of Our Lives“, was the true synopsis in which gave us an image of his trials & tribulations with life but how music gave him an outlet to express it. Check out his music video ‘RAIN AH FALL’ and be on the lookout for his next visuals coming soon…