Sha The Flash – Winter Flow (Prod. Donato)

STREAM: SoundCloud

PRODUCER: Donato Beats

As we are going deeper into the winter season, Sha The Flash gears is up with his new single “Winter Flow”. Coming from the streets of Broward County, Sha The Flash comes with cold flows and sharp rhyme schemes that show he’s not your average rapper and that he’s nothing like his contemporaries. He’s a lyricist at heart that has something prove to the people. Produced by DonatoBeats “Winter Flow”, has a lo-fi presence, congesting of a smooth jazz sample that gives off 90s aesthetics of hip-hop.

Sha The Flash’s take on “Winter Flow” : “Winter Flow” was written the very first time I ever saw snow. I had gotten into an argument with my parents about what I do in my free time and just remember being outside, taking in the environment. The news was still going wild because of police violence and I just remember realizing some of the realest people you’ll ever find may already be next to you in that very same room you’re in right now.”

“Winter Flow” is just a sample of what the Broward artist has in store for 2019. Be on the lookout for the cold rhyme-spitter as he may be an artist to watch.

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