Tune the Abstract – Mercy

South Florida’s Tune the Abstract recently released an eye opening, but strongly heartfelt song called “Mercy”. Now he has a chance to have this powerful track heard by the masses, with the help of #99CoSign, by way of 99Jamz of Miami. A monthly showcase dedicated to up and coming artist of South Florida, where by vote, they are given a chance to have their song played on 99Jamz and Tune the Abstract not only has a chance to win, but he is our vote. We urge you to do the same.

“Mercy” is something that this world should hear. While being emotionally moved by the usual world news and by the passing of the young legend, XXXTentacion, Tune the Abstract wrote a psalm or a prayer in rhythm to express his point of view behind those matters. A soft, ambient sound mixed with the raw, gritty pain in his voice, Tune the Abstract pleads for “Mercy” from whatever higher being may hear him.