Rising South Florida Artist C.O.U is Up Next

With versatility and style to match, South Florida’s C.O.U is our next Artist To Watch. Born in Miami, Florida, raised in Broward County, giving him all the richness South Florida has to offer. C.O.U began writing music as a sophomore in high school, fast foward ro today, and he has put out two albums: A Coul Summer (2017) (Click Here) & A Coul Summer 2 (2018) (Click Here ). “I consider myself a versatile artist. I am a rapper, singer, & song-writer. I have a more up-tempo dance song like my song Suave, then a rager like Henny&Coke.”  He is a big believe in effort, stating “if you put enough energy into something and it’s pure I believe it’ll all fall in place. ”

” A Coul Summer” & “A Coul Summer 2” are part of as series in which he plans to release each summer on his birth, August 24th. This series of albums summarizes his life during that year. C.O.U feels, as he progresses and grows as a person and an artist, that will translate onto others and he can help people over come theirs fears and doubts. “If I can change my life entirely: physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, that means you can too.”

I encourage you to check out this budding stars next moves, follow him on Instagram & Twitter: @Supa_COU, click on the links above to listen to his music! Photos & edits by: @nespixstudios