#WCW – Kangie: A Natural Force of Nature

Throughout my time in the music/entertainment industry I have had the pleasure of meeting so many interesting creatives (especially female creatives), one of the creatives which has stood out to me the most is Miss Kangie (@kangie2the). I had the absolute pleasure of speaking to Kangie recently and going over some facts about her journey. Kangie’s versatility is what spoke to me most; mainly a visual artist, her journey with artistry began in high school when she was suspended from school and chose to make the best out of that time and focus on painting. “I’ve realized the times I have faced adversity in my life it’s been a blessing in disguise.” 

Beginning by painting on clothing, customizing t-shirts, jeans, anything she could get her hands on. She credits her friend Dree (@dreeartwork) for a lot of her influence to design. She went from customizing already made t-shirts,etc. to learning more in-depth details about the fashion industry; fabrics, materials, and the business end of things. “I love to be a part of the entire process when I design. Any shirt/clothing item that is being worked on I am right there to make sure everything about it looks aesthetically pleasing and to my standard(s).”

Known for having a gallon of water with her, everywhere she goes, and a quirky sense of humor, Kangie is very much here to stay, I have no doubt in my mind she is one of South Florida’s most globally recognized creatives. I immensely admire her work ethic and vision, I feel although she has been in the game for a good amount of time, she is just getting started because she continuously reinvents herself thru her work and designs. “When I first began to paint on clothing/design the look was much more Gothic, lots of black, etc. that whole look..when I was putting together the Closer 2 My Dreams collection I almost went back to that route but decided not to.”

Pictured above are models @cocamichelle, @muchfogley, & @fuegofloress wearing Kangie’s latest collection Closer 2 My Dreams. The Closer 2 My Dreams collection is filled with pastels and water-color styled patterns, you can find it on her website http://kangie.me/ . I urge you to keep up with this multi-faceted female creative who is taking the fashion industry by storm!