Stokely Carmichael – 1000REASONS


Usually for birthdays people get gifts, but We Were Never Friends’ Stokely Carmichael decides to show us why he’s the man and gives a gift to the people called “1000REASONS”. Henney continues to rise to prominence, as he lays a dark-hype instrumental to combat with Stokely Carmichael rash bars. The hook kicks the door off of the hinges immediately, with the lines: “I got one thousand reasons why you n***as can’t fuck with me!” Forewarning, if you play this at high levels in public areas, the possibility of a moshpit being formed out of nowhere will increase 100 percent. But then again, who doesn’t appreciate a good moshpit? Let Stokely Carmichael continue to apply pressure to the rap game, and if you haven’t done so, make sure to wish the young god a Happy Birthday.

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