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Here at CITRUSRAP.COM, we give you guys the goods on who’s hot & who’s popping. To make it more enlightening for you, we introduce to you our new series – GemTalk. We will be interviewing some of the loveliest women in Florida making major moves and blessing us with their work. GemTalk is all about creating a platform where women can speak about their true passions and what they do for our culture. Up first is Kangie, who is basically everything except a rapper. Read below how Kangie & I talked about her goals, how Conceptual Vagina got started & more.



How and at what age did you get into art?

I recently found out I was doing art since I was like 4, when I lived in Peru. My brother told me I used to use up all my mom’s art supplies, but I don’t even remember this. I moved to the US when I was 10 years old; truthfully I don’t really remember much before that. I started painting again when I was 16. My school had put me in a drug program where they drug tested me weekly, and that program lasted throughout the summer so I figured I would use my time productively. My mentor Dree really helped me get a start on this, when it comes to building ideas and creating he is always someone i can go to.


indexName three songs or albums that best describes you.

Power – Kanye West

Gossip Files – Kanye West

Amazing – Kenny Turnup

Before you get your creative juices flowing, what do you do before you start a piece?

My creative juices are practically always flowing, I really don’t have to do much. As long as the vibe is right I can create something.

What is your favorite medium?

Ahh my favorite medium has got to be paint on clothing. Making 1 of 1 custom pieces that people can wear is so special to me and to whoever is wearing it too.

vagHow did you get Conceptual Vagina started & what’s the meaning behind it?

Conceptual Vaginas is a platform built to empower and highlight women and their talents. It started in early 2015, when I brought the idea over to Nicole Zizi and Jade Gordon after realizing how slept on the women of South Florida are. We have been working together to help push careers forward while also bringing people together to have a good time and appreciate what our ladies do for our culture.

indexTell me the story behind you joining X-Laced?

The first person I met from XL was Daijare, shout out to our boy in the Air Force. I met Saeed, Mayan, Zizi, Ice, and Kemani through him when we linked up and took a train to an art museum in Boca back in 2013. Now i can say they’re like my family. We were just young kids in and out of school using our free time to create ideas and grow as a creative team. It’s really been a crazy, stressful, but beautiful experience to say the least.

Share some of your goals that you have in life when it comes to your art.

My brand will be global. People are gonna see my artwork on streets when they’re on their way to their airport and then they’ll see it again at the airport, and then again when they get on the plane and they see somebody wearing my clothes. I want to be everywhere whether it is physically or simply because I influenced someone’s decision.

Who is your favorite visual artist and why?

My favorite artist is my mentor, Dree. You can check out his work on Instagram. He’s truly so outstanding, I’ve been watching him grow since I was like 13 years old. He’s really like a brother to me and I’m so blessed to have him in my life to inspire me and guide me.

indexIf you were given an opportunity to draw your favorite artist next album cover who would it be and why?

I think it would probably be either Kanye or Toro y Moi. They’re some of the most influential music artists for me.

Why did you take out the “West” out of your name?

i just didn’t want to seem associated with Kanye West because it’s really not like I’m his cousin or anything, you know? [Laughs]. and I mean even if I was, I am still my own person. Kanye will always be an idol to me but all that was just extra. Kangie is the new wave now.

What other talents do you have or wish you had?

I think I’m literally everything except a rapper. I’m into painting, graphic design, typography, photography, clothing design, sewing, interior design, event production, writing poetry and short stories, HTML, artist management (shout out Sel 6), I design buildings sometimes but I’m no architect… yet. I really just wish I could sing without sounding like a crying whale though, that’s all.

indexWho is Sel 6?

Nothing less than your next favorite female DJ on the 1s n 2s. That’s exactly the vibe she gives off when she shows you what she’s got. This girl got so much juice she can barely hold it all herself. mark my words.


Where would you be if you weren’t doing this?

I’m just gonna ignore this question because I don’t ever think about that. This is what i’m meant for, it’s what I eat, sleep, and breathe, and no one can take that from me.


What’s your favorite piece of advice?

Stay true, stay you.

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