By now we’ve all come to familiarize ourselves with FXRBES’ directed visuals, but today he’s releasing something a little different. He’s now released a t-shirt to accompany his FXRBES logo shirt, 7EPTENARY is the name of the new logo and it means the following:

OUROBOROS is the snake that eats it’s tail, it is the ultimate symbol of ETERNITY. Eternity is an expression of God’s being, for God is ALL.

THE SEVEN POINTED STAR is the symbol of the Seven Manifested Rays of Deity. Before the Universe comes into being the principle “Parabrahm” radiates forth the Universal Logos.  The Logos is the Living Universe, from this begins the emanation of the seven different energies which are called the Seven Rays in esoteric teachings.

THE TREE OF LIFE is the symbol of the flow of Life, it is attached above the INFINITY SIGN to showcase the never ending cycle of it.

To truly do this symbol justice I would have to write a book on it, if you are interested in this please research more into “Seven Rays”, “Ouroboros”, and “Tree Of Life”.


The phrase “IN GOD REFLECTS SEVEN” FXRBES in a meditative state, and that’s when he drew inspiration for the creation of 7EPTENARY.

There are 7 Dimensional Levels, and within each of those are 7 sub-dimesional levels.

It takes 7 years for man to create new cells in his body.

There are 7 Major Chakras.

There are 7 notes of an octave.

There are 7 colors in the rainbow.

There are 7 endocrine glands.

There are 7 continents.

The list of the expression of the septenary continues, and if you have the key to understand Deity you will know IN GOD REFLECTS SEVEN.






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