$uicideboy$ & Pouya – South Side Suicide [EP]

You know it’s lit when it’s a Tuesday night, the club is not going up and it’s a dead night at the crib, Pouya drops a tweet with the link to a new EP, and the first voice you hear on it is Future’s. It is just a sample of “Sh!t,” but still—it’s lit. Previously teased with the EP’s namesake track in June, G*59 Records‘ $uicideBoy$ and Miami’s very own Pouya have finally arrived with $outh $ide $uicide. For fans of experimental, dark, trill rap, this 5-track EP from the New Orleans duo and Pouya will surely captivate. It seems like ever since South Side Slugs and Fat Camp dropped, Pouya and the squad have been some very busy guys. Be sure to catch them live in a city near you.