J. Cole Covers Complex

In addition to Nicki Minaj and Wale/Seinfeld, J. Cole will be gracing the cover of Complex’s upcoming issue. With his album 2014 Forest Hills Drive releasing in under two weeks, it was only right to get the Dreamville artist on the cover. Cole speaks on a latitude of topics, some which you can peep below.

How do you feel people responded to Born Sinner?

I wish that it went further but I’m grateful because the people who got it fully appreciated it. They felt how I wanted them to feel.

What was it like when he put the Roc chain on you?

That was a top life moment. I don’t soak shit up well, but after that night I definitely took a moment to. It wasn’t about that moment of the chain. It was like, it took so long to even get this dude to come out on stage with me. It took so long to get this guy to come to shows.

Would you ever consider retiring—going out on top like Jay?

I don’t know. I love doing it, so I’m not going to use that as [a sales pitch], like, “Last album—make sure you go out and buy.” But I’m content if this is my last one, going out like this. Listen to all my music and you’ll hear this nigga who went to New York City and started with a dream; he gained his confidence and his step with The Warm Up and was here to show y’all niggas “I’m the best”—and Friday Night Lights put a stamp on that. Sideline Story was like, “I have to figure this shit out and sell records.” Born Sinner was “Fuck, that wasn’t how I wanted to do it. I gotta make up for that one, I got to get back to myself.” And then fighting through all of that to realize on 2014 Forest Hills Drive, “No, this is where it was always at.”

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