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Lada Beseda – Suicide

Lada Beseda makes a return on our pages with her new single release, “Suicide”. On her latest single, Beseda shows off her different skill sets as an artist. Back in April, she dropped “Betrayal” that was a soulful yet somber record. Her vocals were angelic that pierces through your soul. On “Suicide” she takes a different approach. The Ukraine native, shows off her rap ability, showing that she’s versatile and capable of delivering top notch verses that will enrapture you.

“Suicide” is a song that’s targeted towards her haters. “I cringe when I think about the amount of time I’ve wasted in my life obsessing and humiliating myself on an endless quest for validation. I created ‘Suicide’ to tell listeners to stop caring so much about others’ opinions and just do what you love,” Lada Beseda explains.

Lada Beseda

The production on her latest single is nonetheless haunting and mesmerizing. Produce by Balance Cooper, “Suicide” possesses elements of trap and pop but it pushes beyond the realms of the genre. There’s moments of the song feeling dark yet alluring. With it’s cinematic and ambient sounds, it is a record that will for sure charm you.

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PRODUCERS: Nick León, Julian Beats, Justin Wiggins, Lemonade Playboy, and Brian M

After much anticipation, Twelve’Len finally releases his EP, Tomorrow After One. Featuring 6 prolific songs that are served as appetizers to hold us over til his album arrives. Although these are just appetizers, Twelve’Len reminds us that the future of R&B is in good hands. Driven with soul, the Miami artist puts together a great project that’s imperative and dynamic.

“Jits” is ode to his day ones who have showed loyalty towards him since they were Jits. On “Liars”, Twelve’Len croons about dealing with deceit after a companion gone askew. Furthermore, his opener, “Atlanta for the Weeknd (ATL)” is a silky record that’s just perfect for those late night drives.

Overall, Tomorrow After One is an exceptional project that has us excited about his upcoming album. Alongside this release, it’s accompanied with a visual EP that you can view below.

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Timothy Bright – Knock Knock

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Virginia native, Timothy Bright makes his CitrusRap debut with his latest single, “Knock Knock” that’s explosive. The Virginia native who is now based in California, puts together a thrill of a ride that you don’t want to end. Bright raps with an edge that is borderline insanity and is driven by strong emotions that are plastered throughout this track. Furthermore, listening to “Knock Knock” is the same as getting shot of adrenaline pumped through your veins. This is punk-rap at its best, packed with rage that at times it’s intense and exhilarating.

The Virginia artist draws inspiration from $uicideboy$, Tyler The Creator and our very own Denzel Curry, which explains his style of production and raps. Overall, Timothy Bright is someone we all should pay attention to. The team at CitrusRap are excited to see what he has coming next.




ZYA – Change (Single Debut)

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It’s always a joy to find new artists who are gifted with an immense amount of talent. In our exploration on finding new music, we staggered upon the promising, R&B singer, ZYA. The Miami singer, releases her sensual and sultry single, “Change” where her voice is reminiscent of soft velvet sheets. The R&B songstress creates an effortless song about feeling unappreciated over some seductive production that sounds heavenly.

ZYA via instagram

“Change” is her very first single to ever be released and under the South Florida label, NuMiami – an independent record label that’s home to Savannah Cristina & Twelve’len. ZYA gives us her own take of some classic R&B tones that resemble’s the late 90s. With this being her first single, it’s an incredible introduction to her artistry. The team at CitrusRap are excited to see what will come next from her.




Ivysound – I Need You (Single)

DIRECTED: Thomas Prettyman

Earlier this year, South Florida’s Ivysound delivered us a poetic tale of a struggling relationship titled “Insecure” that was captivating to say the least. Now he’s returned with his new record “I Need You” that’s exuberant and heartfelt. It’s a song that breathes wonders of being in love and how beautiful it can be. The South Florida artist puts together a record that’s feels like a warm hug that you’d never want to let go of. A record that truly expresses deep emotions for his newly wedded wife. 

When it comes to his lyricism, he’s at his best here. From having witty bars and acrobatic flows, Ivysound doesn’t fall out of pocket. While he delivers stellar verses that are nonetheless potent, it will be a disservice to not mention his production. Coming in with a looped sample that’s impossible to resist its sensation, the production on “I Need You” embodies the beauty of simplicity. 

ivysound vía instagram shot by Thomas Prettyman

“I Need You” is a pure sense of romanticism that’s without joyous. After your first listen it’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face and wanting more. Truly Remarkable.




seeyousoon – VIDÉ (Album)

Central Florida’s Seeyousoon have been building great momentum with their latest releases. Although, 2020 has been a strange year for most of us, seeyousoon’s music has kept us afloat and have delivered some of the best music that’s came out this year. Now with great anticipation, they have at last released their full-length debut project, VIDÉ. Their debut album is cohesive where it resembles a great playlist introducing new worlds and sounds. Featuring 14 monstrous tracks where each member is acrobatic with their flows and voices. Each song is different from the next giving each member a moment to shine. It’s also important to notice how each member compliments one another showing no sense of incompatibility. 

seeyousoon via instagram

VIDÉ gives a variety of grooves that are irresistible. Blending genres of music from Hip-Hop, House, R&B & POP, they create a new sound that’s refreshing and intoxicating. It’s without a doubt seamless and nothing but a joy ride. Seeyousoon maybe truly limitless, proving to be a mega-house of artists who deliver prestigious rhymes and vocality.

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Kaelin Ellis & Lupe Fiasco – HOUSE (EP)

It was just a matter of time until legendary Chicago artist, Lupe Fiasco decided to collaborate with Orlando producer Kaelin Ellis to make a 5 song EP. The EP came to be by chance. On May 5th, Lupe was tagged on Twitter in the replies of a Tweet from Kaelin Ellis, a rising producer who had been posting clips of himself creating beats in Quaratine. Catching Lupe’s attention, he recorded himself free-styling over Kaelin’s “Swim” beat that was also featured on his latest project MOMENTS. After that surprise freestyle, they’re collaborative EP, HOUSE was born.

HOUSE is truly a breath of fresh air where new worlds are created. Ambitious and abstract as the project is, this was a collaboration that we didn’t know we needed. Kaelin Ellis crafts together lush atmospheres and rich soundscapes where Lupe can freely speak his mind. On “Sledom”, Lupe relates the applications of modeling to fast food and trafficking. He attempts to show how we rarely think about how we model our bodies to sell product or even ourselves. Fiasco free flows throughout this whole project. There’s moments where it feels like he’s speaking from his diary but his sharp lyricism makes it so potent.

Lupe Fiasco & Kaelin Ellis are a perfect collaboration that I hope to see more of in the future. The HOUSE EP is a mere glimpse of what these two great artists can do.

Kaelin Ellis & Lupe Fiasco – HOUSE (EP)