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Q. Tate – Chauncey Billups (Prod. Cheddar Chaz) [Single]

PRODUCER: Cheddar Chaz
COVER ART: LongLiveTheChef
STREAM: via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

Bouncing back from the west side to the state, one of CitrusRap’s favorite talents has made his return to the rap scene. Q. Tate recently planted his flag into the heart of Central Florida and in celebration, he has blessed us with an announcement of a new EP on the way, by way of this new track. “Chauncey Billups”, produced by fellow 941 representer, Cheddar Chaz. This track is a slow rhythmic reminder of where both emcees have been, where their ambitions lay and where their goals are pushing them towards. This stead paced, head bobbing tune is one of many drops from Q. Tate, that has instantly rang bells.

Mouce – Calm Before The Clout (Album|Review)

STREAM: via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal


The Orlando raised, urban rock star, Mouce, lets loose an 8 track compilation of material for the release of his anticipated album, Calm Before The Clout, released earlier this month.

Two of the standouts being the featured tracks. “Project Pyramids” a more lyrically menacing track. Preceded by “Toast”. When these two tracks are played, magic is the only outcome. Using both bars and a refreshing beat selection to grab ahold of our ears.

With Calm Before The Clout, Mouce proves that even his throwaways have the words “Banger” stamped onto them. With no guest appearances, this 19 minute extended play holds up well. Keeping us at CitrusRap on the lookout for more audio dope by the young rapper.

Trap Gotti – To The Top (ft. Dee Watkins) [Video]

DIRECTOR: TopFlightDwyane

Welcome upcoming rapper-singer, Trap Gotti, making his CitrusRap debut with a BIG slider called “To The Top”. Lake City representer, by way of Atlanta, Georgia. He started to build as buzz after staying very consistent, all while constantly perfecting his craft.

Trap Gotti

Trap’s music is a mixture between real life relatable situations and music for the ladies. He once said he tries to make it so you can feel his passion in all his music here is a link to latest song “To The Top”, featuring Dee Watkins. Stay on the lookout for Trap Gotti as he lets it he know he has plenty more to come!

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Mouce & David Daudin – Actor (Official Video)

DIRECTOR: David Daudin
PROJECT FEATURED ON: Calm Before Clout | Stream via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

Mouce, is on a never-ending mission to secure the bag and “Actor” is the perfect music to play during his victory lap. The North Florida rapper makes his CitrusRap debut, by dropping off the cinematic visuals for his steadily climbing heater, “Actor”, which is as quote-worthy as it is catchy. The video is unprecedentedly, self directed by the featured artist, Orlando’s David Daudin.

A track about relentlessness, with enough bounce to have you addicted to it. His ability to appeal to many crowds is amplified as you play this banger at loud volumes breaking the knob if possible.  With provocative lyrics, energizing wordplay, and creativity within the video, Mouce leaves it all on the track with this one.

Jeff Stones – Intervention (Album)

PRODUCER: Johnny “Ice The Prodcuer” Gaitan Jr
via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

Jeff Stones

Last summer Jeff Stones has gained a lot of traction, with the retrospective album, Rather Be Distant 2. Shortly after, it was announced that the rapper would be releasing another project, Intervention. Just four months after his last drop and he’s done it again.

Intervention starts off just right with “Not Myself”, as a soft piano plays as Jeff Stones begins to open about the troubles of his mind and speaks of a tale that suspensefully builds up, until ultimately, it feels as if you’re inside of his head. “Focused”, the pithy and energetic track follows right after. With quotable rhymes like “I get high, but I gotta stay focused” and it only being second on the 13-track monument. This project is sure to dominate the state and kick start the national takeover for the South Florida emcee.

Jeff Stones calls up Johnny, “Ice The Producer” Gaitan Jr, from the hit music production group, PLYBCK, to produce the album. The duo masterfully uses their chemistry and abilities to create a body of work that we’ll surely be able to play throughout the times.

A dark, melodically twisted and hard hitting sound matched with a dangerous flow and distinctive lyrics. By turning his life challenges into psalms of his own, Intervention takes on the boundless, sunken feeling when laying in the back of your mind at night, head on and converts it into sound of hope.

We don’t have to persuade you to press play on this project, because how great this is, you will never be able to escape it’s clutches. CitrusRap just wants to prepare your mind for the thought of the live performances of these tracks, which we know are sure to come. So brush up on your lyrics and buy a few bandages in advance. Because Intervention is about to conquer the underground.

Peep his visual for “Hate Being Broke” below.

Alezi – Head Heavy (Debut Project)

STREAM: via Soundcloud

An eight-part tracklist of sheer mayhem with an elegant overtone. Head Heavy is an addition to the warfare that Alezi has initiated. The Jacksonville emcee makes his mixtape debut and CitrusRap debut, by giving us something to stir up this year’s lyrical debate. Freestyle or written, it’s safe to say that no beat is safe around Alezi this year.

The introduction to Head Heavy, “LIKEATATTOO”, is a straight body blow over a minimalistic styled beat. Perfectly titled, of course. Placing every bit of faith in his fate into his on hands. 100% guaranteed, on me. “LIKEATATTOO” is self motivator. It features a strong, drum filled beat that Alezi manipulates flawlessly with his speed bag of rhymes and throwing a hay-maker or two ever so often. Never missing a punch. Reminiscent of the generations greatest fighter, in which the track is obviously themed after.

A treasure chest full of gems such throughout the ENTIRE project. Such as “CHICAGO” and the final track, “SKYFALL”. This man and his army in Jacksonville is a force to be reckoned with and should never be taken lightly. Doing it in the most organic way so far. Not only does this seem like it’s sport to him, but it’s child’s play in some way. Convincing me that he has something dynamic hidden up his sleeve and this is barely the tip of the asteroid. I just pray that the world is ready for the refreshing, new take on Florida’s sound.


Heavy Head is truly an experience for music lovers and elite emcees. One that needs to be witnessed in order to be understood.

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Slevin Kaaine – Man Pass Trials 88 (Album|Review)

STREAM: via Soundcloud

With much great anticipation and making his CitrusRap debut, Slevin Kaaine’s Man Pass Trials 88 is everything that we wanted from him. The Broward artist has unveiled his long-awaited album, that was worth the nearly two year hold.

Minimalistic styled lyrics, yet rather brash bars, over an elegant tone. Man Pass Trials 88 is filled with 9 melodically motivating tracks with only two features that makes this project so cohesive with a very pulsating feel that’s electrifying.

Slevin Kaaine