Nil Bambu – On Game (Single)

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The talented South Florida Goddess, known as Nil Bambu, seems to bless us with her strong presence at the right times. This go around she returns to the CitrusRap pages with “On Game” and she’s charged up. Just in time for festival season.

We’ve been waiting on the songwriting vocalist to reemerge for quite some time now. But “On Game”, it’s strong impact on our ears and brains was worth the wait! It would be a surprise if this song doesn’t become an instant favorite of yours.

Melodically giving us brash details of her intimate, late night thoughts of truthfulness with a seductive undertone, over an airy and slow rhythmic driven instrumental. The year is drawing closer to an end and Nil Bambu will continue to strike hard and keep her match lit with this undeniable banger. We’ll be sure to stay tuned for what’s next, as so should you.

In her own words, Nil Bambu describes the in’s and outs of her latest hit:

What is the meaning behind the song, “On Game”?

On Game was honestly written from my own past experience of being in a toxic relationship. You know being involved with someone and having that gut feeling where your intuition just knows something is off. The meaning came from the saying being “up on game” or one step ahead. Sometimes when you’re so close to someone, you just know them too well and because of that certain things don’t have to be said.

What’s your process of making music from writing to recording?

My overall creative process is pretty fluid, I like to remain as open as possible when creating and more so go with the vibe and the feel of what I’m feeling at that particular time. For the most part, I start the majority of my ideas in my room recording myself or because of the acoustics, I also like to record voice memos in my bathroom. Normally, I’d just create and once I have enough strong songs, I lock in with my engineer to lay everything down.

What was the concept behind the single artwork?

For “On Game”, because the single was so spicy and racey, I wanted everything to be super edgy. The vision I had was something reminiscent of Tokyo Drift vibes, but instead of cool hues or neons, I wanted it to be warm and fiery.

What makes a relationship toxic?

That’s kind of a tough one, especially when everything depends on your perspective and tolerance but what makes a relationship toxic to me, is just lack of respect. Personally, I’m like the most open and understanding person when it comes to love and relationships. I don’t really think there’s a right or wrong way but more so finding what works best for both partners and doing that. I definitely think it’s toxic when it becomes draining and leaves you feeling empty, or that you as a person and your feelings aren’t being honored.

How has your past relationships influenced the making of “On Game”?

My past relationships have 1000% influenced the making of “On Game”, and pretty much all of my music fort hat matter. In the second verse, I literally relived the moment when I went through my ex’s phone and read messages between him and another girl (Disclaimer: that was the first and last time I ever went through someone’s phone), I definitely learned my lesson that day. Truthfully, I’m really happy to share such a common and kind of traumatic experience and just make it more empowering by using it to be creative.