AJDaGuru, An Independent Artist On The Rise (Article)

Music by AJDaGuru is unlike anything you have heard before. There is something magical about his voice, which can make your heart melt with its soft, yet strong quality. A musical force in his own right, Guru has succeeded in backing it up with a style that complements his credentials. 

A Look At Who Is AJDaGuru.

AjDaGuruTo understand who AJDaGuru truly is, we need to understand where he started. His first taste of stardom came when he was only 12. During his school years, he was known for his beatboxing skills. – This type of music is done by making musical sounds with your mouth that are almost like instrumental tracks. As their friendship grew, his closest friends started rapping to AJDaGuru’s beats. As a result of this, his music career exploded, and he became very popular within a short time period. 

How AJDaGuru’s Music Career Began.

AJ got his start in music in 2013 when he produced for Chicago rapper GLC, which led to working with artists like Chevy Woods and King Chip. Using his alias Mr. Live, he also made a joint mixtape with the Chicagoan. Their project would be called ISM Churchill, and it was here that AJDaGuru began to make more and more of his work available online. Livestrumentals Vol 1′ was released in 2015, a collection of music with influences from Hip-hop to RNB. The following year, AJ released Livestrumentals Vol 2 with raw Soul, Hip-hop, and Electronic instrumentals. With many artists beginning to use his beats and create songs with them, both projects helped increase AJDaGuru’s popularity. 

AJDaGuru Music Is No Stranger To The Charts.

Many artists create music every day in the world of music. The dream of every musician is to have their music reach the charts. Since several of his songs have charted, it’s no longer a fantasy for AJDaGuru. He reached number 43 on the iTunes Charts in South Africa with his Sledge Family Rules Instrumental, and months later he charted again with “Love Yourself.” A chart-topping song, this one reached number 93 on Spotify’s US top 200 charts. AJ knows he still has a long way to go on his musical journey, and we expect him to showcase all of his progress on the upcoming album A Different Side Of Me, due out in the near future.