Amaria – Roses (Official Single)

Amaria – Roses via instagram

While it’s easier than ever to get your music on to streaming platforms, it also becomes over saturated . Artists may sound alike and it becomes harder to find quality amongst the quantity of music that’s being uploaded at every hour. However, Tampa’s Amaria stands out amongst the crowd. Her soft and tender vocals she lays down gently on “roses” is a blissful listening experience from start to finish.

The Tampa songstress sings with elegance as her voice blooms within the shimmering production that herself has crafted together alongside instrumentalist Rugawd. The soundscape of “Roses” sparks the imagination of a blossoming garden that’s being kissed by the sun. Colorful and vibrant as it can be, Rugawd strings together a warm and compelling guitar performance that’s short and sweet.

Amaria delivers a captivating record, where we are excited to see what the rising star will come out with next.