WorstHUGH – Products Of A Coping Method (Album)

COVER ART: @samoart_
via Spotify/Apple Music/Tidal

WorstHUGH makes his inevitable return to the forefront of CitrusRap. Previously releasing two singles. This was just the calm ahead of a brewing, ground shaking storm that was set to release onto the world, and it does not disappoint. Products Of A Coping Method is a body of  work that can be considered a complete masterpiece.

Bringing his best, with delivering the thought of pain and different aspects of coping with the situation, wether through anger, fear, acceptance or money, imbedding those emotions in his song, and incorporates his true feelings into every track makes this project very much stands out.

WorstHUGH is the perfectionist of surreal soul, rhythm, blues and lyricism. Vivid tales of pain turned into triumph anthems. Like a bizarre hybrid of wordsmith rapping melodies, and a psychological thriller flick. This could REALLY be the score to something of an indie film!