Underground Tantrum: A South Florida Rap Documentary (Dir. Christy Trabada) [Video]

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DIRECTOR: Christy Trabada
PRODUCER: Trabadass Productions
STARRING: DannyBoyStyles, Jimmy Duval, FXRBES, Metin Kumru, Albert Sanchez, JK The Reaper, Lofty305, Baby G, Joe Caliko & Akeem Brownlee (NuMiami)

Some may call it Punk Rap. Others may call it Trap Rock. Whatever words that you use to define it as, nothing compares to experiencing this phenomenon live. Director, Christy Trabada, recently took a deep dive into South Florida’s rap underground to give us an exclusive origin story of this generation’s most groundbreaking sub-genre. Full of teenage angst, nihilism, unfiltered emotion and global branding. Noteable acts such as XXXTentacion, Pouya & Fat NickDenzel Curry and Lil Pump. Only to name a few. South Florida has been throwing a tantrum in front of the music industry, in the best way possible. With their raw music, unique visual presentations and branding, alongside the power of the internet, South Florida has transformed into the safe haven for musical rebels and all alike. Watch and witness these in depth, sit-down discussions with talents such as DannyBoyStyles, Jimmy Duval, JK The Reaper, FXRBES, Lofty305 & many more that are a part of this new found culture, as they detail the tribulations that they face while making this authentic wave and as they prove why this movement has been able to hold the world’s eyes and ears on them for such a long time.