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Bizzy Crook – Love Voodoo

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LATEST RELEASE: No Hard Feelings | iTunes

Bizzy Crook has officially taken off and has yet to look back. As he jets, he drops off the visuals to “Love Voodoo”. One of his many standout tracks from his album, No Hard Feelings. With SkipOnDaBeat providing the instrumental that Bizzy placed a tombstone over, he calls his homie CT Films to provide us with glimpses of Bizzy’s new luxurious lifestyle and snippets of live performances. Watch with your own eyes as Bizzy Crook blesses the world with “Love Voodoo”.

Gats – Money Shot (ft. KeithCharles Spacebar)

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PRODUCER: KeithCharles Spacebar
PROJECT: A Hell Above Us

The wait is finally over. Five months after shutting the 813 down with his project entitled starshipJERICHO, the man and the myth known as Gat$ lets loose a snippet called “Money Shot“, in which we all have the right to call a BANGER. Tonight the full version has been released. Linking up with Awful Records, KeithCharles Spacebar handles the production, giving the track it’s space-age vibe and head banging drums. But Gat$ deserves equal credit, with his energy and belligerent rhymes. He starts the song off with so much force, and he only asked a simple question, “Where my money at?” Don’t sleep on him. Either way, it’s clear to see that this man is lightyears ahead with a .50 caliber rifle sitting patiently, waiting for that “Money Shot.” Don’t end up in the crossfire. Take a listen and be on the look out for his upcoming project, A Hell Above Us. You have been warned.

Oddyssey – The Grim

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Hailing from Miami, Oddyssey, has yet to become stagnant since his arrival in 2012. The all-around artist has made many transformations with his music; continuing to refine the state of which musicians develop and present their craft to the world. This time he teams up with producer Bomani, who creates what seems like a drug induced instrumental to combat Oddyssey’s dark-harmonizing flow, in the properly titled track, “The Grim”. This will serve as the Miami rapper’s first single to his upcoming release, They Made Me Do It.  Put this on repeat and just vibe. This is Xanax on wax.


I remember bein’ 16… Thinkin’ bout nothin’ but pussy (look how far that got me)
I remember bein’ 17… When everybody really tried to push me (where’d I go?)
At 18, I fell from grace
Now the mud in my cup on my face, and I know that I’m gone
And at 19, at 20, I’m at a loss

These niggas maaaan, these niggas maaaan, they really tried to slow me down
These bitches maaaan, these bitches maaan, they really can’t hold me down

I remember when this shit seemed true
I never did wrong, wrote my own songs, never act brand new
I never looked down, I always stayed round, I did my thang too
Took the xan in my hand, now I can’t even stand
Hit the bank and withdrew
In the end, we all do

I remember when the shit took conviction
They rappin’, they sangin’, they act about slangin’
They know that I’m on to ’em
Them fuckniggas
All I ever hear about is fuckniggas
All she ever wanna do is fuck niggas
All he ever wanna do is bust triggers
So don’t upset us
We too spiteful
Howl at the pain
I’m on the moon’s cycle

I believe, I believe, I believe that we all fell from Heaven
We just fell straight to Hell
I receive, I receive then I leave, then I go off the deep end, I sleep on the sun on that permanent weekend
I’m geeeeekin’

At the ghetty with a bad bitch
Young savage
You a opp nigga, show me where the badge is
Haphazardly reach for the strap and blast back
Tan khakis, a beeper, weed in the knapsack
We attack in the street, these niggas they ran back
Pussy lie bout they actions, I cannot stand that
Where you can see the gasoline refract the sunlight
Your words could have the same repercussions a gun might

Laughin’ at passerby in the street
High as fuck off the gas, and we spread out just like a sheet
I am the phantom, the last shadow you must defeat
Middle finger to media, raise your fist and repeat

I reject all this fuckshit
I am a citizen
The last bastion of hope, fire up the glycerin
Fuck fittin’ in
I’m boutta finish them
Last chance, you have time to pray
Droppin’ nuclear bombs, half life decay
Killin’ these fucks with a capital K
Put the shit on replay

LeMieuX – Crying In KOD (ft. Father & KeithCharles Spacebar)

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The ultra-talented entity behind so many hits for PayUp!Game, and the other half of the production team, The Silence Killers. The Miami based producer, LeMieux, gives us a first look into his upcoming debut EP, with this track called “Crying In K.O.D.” His premiere features the steadily rising Awful Records label members, Father & KeithCharles Spacebar. With the first single having this kind of quality and star power packed into it, only LeMieux and The Lord knows what the final product will contain. But, the anticipation is officially real now. Listen as the trio presents a slow tempo-ed head banger, that also serves as an ode to sad boys chilling the greatest shake junt in America.

Tyler, The Creator – Fucking Young/Death Camp

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PRODUCER: Tyler, The Creator
DIRECTOR: Tyler, The Creator
UPCOMING ALBUM: Cherry Bomb | April 13th, pre-order via iTunes

T does it again! As the Golf Wang masses gathered on the internet after the release of his new media based app, Tyler The Creator premieres the greatest video of the past few months, “Fucking Young”. The first single off of his newly announced album, Cherry Bomb, which drops next Monday on the 13th. Additional vocals from Charlie Wilson, Chaz BundickCole Alexander. With cameos from Lionel, Taco, & Jasper, this film tells the tale of a man who connects with a girl perfectly. But there’s only one problem, she’s too fucking young. Being a Golf Wang video, Tyler continues to bring more innovative effects and scenery to the music game. Scenes that have them shrunken down to the size of sunflowers, bubblegum balloons that helps them levitate, and rotating cinematography. This is truly a work of art. Florida’s own Crystal Tillman (@crystalcl3arr) co-stars along side as the love interest, sort of. Causing havoc and distress, while bombarding her way into his life. Have a seat and grab some popcorn with Tyler, The Creator as he watches “Fucking Young” from a seat at the movie theater. Until, he goes on a Mad Max post apocalyptic rampage, in “Death Camp”, during the last seconds and a Cherry Bomb finale.

Kim – Did To Yuh

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PRODUCER: Jove Beats
ENGINEER: Damijin’ Myndz
LATEST PROJECT: The Polymath | Listen

Miami birthed him, but he resides in Orlando. The artist known simply as Kim, takes his step into the spotlight with his new release called “Did to Yuh”. The track gives insight into Kim’s life as he vividly recalls the day that his father, Stephon, took his own life. He reminds the world that moments like that are what molded him into the artist that he is today. Switching from singing to spitting, all in the same flow, he remains fluid on the beat. The production is by Jove Beats, who has been backing him since they first met, helping propel him into future stardom. We can see it in him as well, true star power. And he reminds us that even though the track this hot, for him, it’s effortless now. There’s always bigger and better to come, and we’ll be waiting for it. Until then, take a listen to “Did to Yuh” above.