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Bowham – Uh-Oh

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Bowham comes through with the bouncing track, Uh-Oh. Dade County’s own and the co-star from Cashy’s latest video “Demolitiondoes his part to strengthen his campaign and make a name for himself in today’s rap game. Take a listen to Uh-Oh and don’t count Bowham out.

Mikey The Magician – Black Mirror

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PRODUCER: Mikey The Magician
LATEST EP: Mystic Mac Episode III | Stream

Releasing his first tape in fall of 2014, the South Florida artist and Buffet Boy, Mikey The Magician began to gain nation recognition after his prominent guest spots on Pouya’s South Side Slugs. Gaining credit for both, verses and production. He retains that edge with his latest self produced freebie, entitled Black Mirror. This track is Florida to the core. From the dark ambience, to the hard rhythmic flow. Show props where they’re due and give the record a listen. Be on the lookout for more from Mikey The Magician and the rest of the Buffet Boys.


Hyype – Vital (ft. Boobie Lootaveli)

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PRODUCER: Spayce Jones
ARTWORK: @kostanoir
LATEST EP: Seraphic | Stream

Bringing Drill to Florida. Chicago’s Hyype links with Miami native, Boobie Lootaveli, and hits the land with a yoppa of a track. A distorted-hardcore artwork by @kostanoir, to match Spayce Jones‘ hard drilling beat. Take a listen to Hyype’s most recent EP Seraphic at the link above and be sure to keep this record bumping through your speaker.

Jah – Not The Man They Think I Am At Home

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LATEST EP: 1% | Stream

Ten months after blessing us with his EP, 1%, he continues to attack. When he’s not producing for Florida’s most prominent upcoming stars, he’s composing and recording some golden tracks. This week Jah, also stylized as jahrahmf, lets loose the smooth feel good song for this spring, entitled “not the man they think i am at home” A sweet “Rocket Man” sample playing under the incredibly rhythmic drums, as Jah is talking shit and preaching at the same time. What is there not to enjoy about this track? Give it a spin.

Reesyro – Fa’Eva

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PRODUCER: FrostTheWaveGod

Bringing a key piece of my childhood together with a head banger that I can play fa’eva. Reesyro comes through with his latest work, “Fa’Eva”. Hailing from Jacksonville, Florida and reppin’ Apply Pressure. He and the rest of the collective continue doing just that. FrostTheWaveGod, Apply Pressure‘s in-house producer was the evil genius behind this instrumental. Rumored to be the sole producer on Reesyro’s upcoming EP, Frost brings in the bouncy tempo-ed drums, Reesyro delivers the fluid bars & flow, as they both create a mosh-worthy club-anthem. Spin this record. You know that you won’t be disappointed.

She.go – Back To Black

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PRODUCERS: Jah & Afro Draconis
UPCOMING PROJECT: Thoughts Of She | Pre-Order

The women of Florida continue to put in work as She.Go preps for Thoughts Of She, set to drop this summer. The second single is this gift, entitled “Back To Black”. Produced by jahRahMF & Afro Draconis. Dark, full of bass, and the perfect sample of Amy Winehouse, pretty much making it a duet. Her unique voice gliding over the beat, with lyrics that sum up and relate to most love lives of this generation. Tampa has one. Listen as she goes in.

Cherele – Paradise Lost [Album]

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PREMIERED BY: Fact Magazine | Read

When releasing an album, there’s always little to no room for error, unless you just truly hate your fans. Especially in this new age, where music is discarded as fast as a packet of duck sauce at your local Chinese food spot. You nearly have to aim for perfection in order to retain your spot in rap history. But in some cases, everything is just natural. And it seems like Cherele is one of those cases. On Friday morning, with the help of Fact Magazine, she debuted her album to the world, Paradise Lost. Instantly, it garnished flawless reception with an hour. The album starts off with “Timing, a track that I personally played a minimum of 10 times once I received the album’s link. She reminisces of the times with her grandad, and a short excerpt about him that helps define her ways and her roots a little more to the world. With lines like: “He was selling coke and pimpin’, since I was in diapers pissin’..” Paradise Lost continues to pick up heavily just as the intro begins to fade out, with “Raised By Wolves” following after. With her brother in arms, Ellz, lending a super energetic and bar-filled verse. So many great tracks, it’s difficult to pick a standout. But this is ‘Merica, so if I had to pick, then Visions would be my shit. Like a young Pharrel with the hat to match. LeMieux pulling up as Chad Hugo. A real grade A cast was put together. Ellz, Father, Betty Dawl, KONA, & Argyle Bixby. The production done by LeMuieX. She got fucking Robert Gallardo for art direction. So to sum it all up for ya: IF YOU SAY THIS AINT FYE, YOU’RE A HATER. (stamped and approved by the 1995 Uncle Luke; don’t quote me)