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She.go – Back To Black

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PRODUCERS: Jah & Afro Draconis
UPCOMING PROJECT: Thoughts Of She | Pre-Order

The women of Florida continue to put in work as She.Go preps for Thoughts Of She, set to drop this summer. The second single is this gift, entitled “Back To Black”. Produced by jahRahMF & Afro Draconis. Dark, full of bass, and the perfect sample of Amy Winehouse, pretty much making it a duet. Her unique voice gliding over the beat, with lyrics that sum up and relate to most love lives of this generation. Tampa has one. Listen as she goes in.

Cherele – Paradise Lost [Album]

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PREMIERED BY: Fact Magazine | Read

When releasing an album, there’s always little to no room for error, unless you just truly hate your fans. Especially in this new age, where music is discarded as fast as a packet of duck sauce at your local Chinese food spot. You nearly have to aim for perfection in order to retain your spot in rap history. But in some cases, everything is just natural. And it seems like Cherele is one of those cases. On Friday morning, with the help of Fact Magazine, she debuted her album to the world, Paradise Lost. Instantly, it garnished flawless reception with an hour. The album starts off with “Timing, a track that I personally played a minimum of 10 times once I received the album’s link. She reminisces of the times with her grandad, and a short excerpt about him that helps define her ways and her roots a little more to the world. With lines like: “He was selling coke and pimpin’, since I was in diapers pissin’..” Paradise Lost continues to pick up heavily just as the intro begins to fade out, with “Raised By Wolves” following after. With her brother in arms, Ellz, lending a super energetic and bar-filled verse. So many great tracks, it’s difficult to pick a standout. But this is ‘Merica, so if I had to pick, then Visions would be my shit. Like a young Pharrel with the hat to match. LeMieux pulling up as Chad Hugo. A real grade A cast was put together. Ellz, Father, Betty Dawl, KONA, & Argyle Bixby. The production done by LeMuieX. She got fucking Robert Gallardo for art direction. So to sum it all up for ya: IF YOU SAY THIS AINT FYE, YOU’RE A HATER. (stamped and approved by the 1995 Uncle Luke; don’t quote me)


Pouya – So What (ft. Fat Nick)

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DIRECTOR: Giancarlo Loffredo
PRODUCERS: Don Krez & Hltr$kltr
LATEST MIXTAPE: South Side Slugs | Listen
UPCOMING RELEASE: Fat Nick – Fat Camp | April 28th

It’s the Kumite on acid. While back on the road. This time with Sir Michael Rocks. Pouya delivers the insanely mind farting video for his South Side Slugs track, “So What”. Don Krez and Hltr$kltr behind the production, while visually, Giancarlo Leffredo takes you to that moment just before you’re about to trip balls. Cat girls fighting to the death. Seizure inducing transitions. Fat Nick half with no shirt, holding and umbrella. No one really knows what’s going on in the video, but that’s why it’s so addicting to watch. The only thing that it’s missing is Shang Tsung in the cut, coolin’. Watch the video and thank them for the best video of your day.

Bizzy Crook – Love Voodoo

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LATEST RELEASE: No Hard Feelings | iTunes

Bizzy Crook has officially taken off and has yet to look back. As he jets, he drops off the visuals to “Love Voodoo”. One of his many standout tracks from his album, No Hard Feelings. With SkipOnDaBeat providing the instrumental that Bizzy placed a tombstone over, he calls his homie CT Films to provide us with glimpses of Bizzy’s new luxurious lifestyle and snippets of live performances. Watch with your own eyes as Bizzy Crook blesses the world with “Love Voodoo”.

Tyler, The Creator – Fucking Young/Death Camp

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PRODUCER: Tyler, The Creator
DIRECTOR: Tyler, The Creator
UPCOMING ALBUM: Cherry Bomb | April 13th, pre-order via iTunes

T does it again! As the Golf Wang masses gathered on the internet after the release of his new media based app, Tyler The Creator premieres the greatest video of the past few months, “Fucking Young”. The first single off of his newly announced album, Cherry Bomb, which drops next Monday on the 13th. Additional vocals from Charlie Wilson, Chaz BundickCole Alexander. With cameos from Lionel, Taco, & Jasper, this film tells the tale of a man who connects with a girl perfectly. But there’s only one problem, she’s too fucking young. Being a Golf Wang video, Tyler continues to bring more innovative effects and scenery to the music game. Scenes that have them shrunken down to the size of sunflowers, bubblegum balloons that helps them levitate, and rotating cinematography. This is truly a work of art. Florida’s own Crystal Tillman (@crystalcl3arr) co-stars along side as the love interest, sort of. Causing havoc and distress, while bombarding her way into his life. Have a seat and grab some popcorn with Tyler, The Creator as he watches “Fucking Young” from a seat at the movie theater. Until, he goes on a Mad Max post apocalyptic rampage, in “Death Camp”, during the last seconds and a Cherry Bomb finale.

Kim – Did To Yuh

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PRODUCER: Jove Beats
ENGINEER: Damijin’ Myndz
LATEST PROJECT: The Polymath | Listen

Miami birthed him, but he resides in Orlando. The artist known simply as Kim, takes his step into the spotlight with his new release called “Did to Yuh”. The track gives insight into Kim’s life as he vividly recalls the day that his father, Stephon, took his own life. He reminds the world that moments like that are what molded him into the artist that he is today. Switching from singing to spitting, all in the same flow, he remains fluid on the beat. The production is by Jove Beats, who has been backing him since they first met, helping propel him into future stardom. We can see it in him as well, true star power. And he reminds us that even though the track this hot, for him, it’s effortless now. There’s always bigger and better to come, and we’ll be waiting for it. Until then, take a listen to “Did to Yuh” above.