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#TBT: Tay Dizm – “Beam Me Up” Video

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DIRECTOR: Max Nichols & Constellation Jones
PRODUCER: Justin Diener

At the peak of stardom most rap artists use their new found power to shed light onto their homie’s talents. And that’s exactly what T-Pain did in 2008 when he signed his longtime friend and hypeman, Tay Dizm to his Nappy Boy Digital record label. After appearing on every T-Pain album at the time and charting on the Billboard Year End Hot 100 Single on the late Dolla’s “Who The Fuck Is That?” and 2 Pistols “She Got It”, Tay Dizm had the strength to make his mainstream debut, with “Beam Me Up” featuring Florida powerhouse Rick Ross and T-Pain, of course. A song that resonated in a lot of child hoods that had school dances, night clubs, and local radio stations steadily bumping. Little to no promotion, the single made the charts, selling 4,000 digital copies in little time. With little to follow up, Tay Dizm continues to release mixtapes and street albums under Nappy Boy Digital, working back to the momentum that he built in anticipation of a long awaited album release.


#TBT: Plies – Shawty (ft. T-Pain)

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DIRECTOR: Edwin Decena
PRODUCERS: Drumma Boy & Ensayne
ALBUM: The Real Testament (2007) | Purchase via The Real Testament

After a brief college football career, Plies unintentionally made a buzz in the music game after receiving great feedback on a track released on his older brother’s indie label, Big Gates Records. A short grind throughout Florida’s circuits led Plies to Miami, where eventually he signed to Slip-N-Slide Records in 2004.

Being best known for his street albums, his debut album was slated to release under new distributor Atlantic Records in 2007, as The Real Testament. To kick start the mayhem, Plies enlisted T-Pain, Drumma Boy, and Ensayne to assist on his major label single debut, “Shawty”. An instant hit in the underground and over the sound waves.

The single went on to sell over 500,000 copies, certifying it gold and charting at #9 on Billboard’s Hot 200. Plies’ name was being solidified nationally. His album was held with great criticism from the press and consumers. Selling 96,000 copies in it’s first week, landing at the #2 spot on the Billboard 200. A year later, it was certified gold.

2015, we’re still glued to our media outlets, waiting in excitement for what Plies has in store for the world next. From his outlandish Instagram videos to his street anthems and community events. This man knows how to keep his name and legacy alive.

Gucci Mane – Orange

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PRODUCER: Honorable CNote
ARTWORK: @MikalTheGod

If Weezy is the mixtape god, at the least Gucci Mane has to be the mixtape Jesus with all of the material that he puts out at such an alarming rate. Live from his prison cell Big Guwap drops off what some of us over at believe to be a testament to our quality work. The short length Honorable CNote produced track, simply titled Orange, is reminiscent of the Gucci Mane that the culture has immortalized. May he continue to bless these cold streets with the heaters that we’ve longed for.


#TBT: Uncle Luke – I Wanna Rock

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PRODUCER: Kenneth “Devastator X” Terry
Album: I Got Shxt On My Mind (1992) | via iTunes

A performing legend and southern Rap pioneer, the man previously known as Luke Skyywalker has been bringing bass to the game for over three decades. His resilience is what helped him become one of the most prominent figures in not only Miami’s music history, but in the world. Going toe to toe with every region in rap music, George Lucas, and the Supreme Court.

After having a successful career as a concert promoter, Luther Campbell decided to take up audio edition and production classes. Combining his credibility, lifestyle, charisma and new found techniques to help produce some of raps most controversial and club praised joints with then California based rap group, 2 Live Crew. Ultimately being the star of the scene and catapulting them into success.

When 2 Live Crew’s most success album As Nasty As They Wanna Be was deemed legally obscene by the U.S. Supreme Court (the decision was later overturned), they released a response project called Banned In The U.S.A., with the blessings of Bruce Springsteen of course. The B-side, The Luke LP served as Luke’s first taste of the solo life and the inarguable album to covet the Parental Advisory sticker. Gaining continuous notoriety in all areas for it’s sexual nature and unchained lyrics that the fans expected from the performer.

After legal issued forced the group’s split from Luke Records, Luther prepped for his first official solo album I Got Shxt On My Mind, and the first single being “I Wanna Rock” (also know as Doo Doo Brown) and instant club cult classic. Crowd controlling, ass shaking filled, response styled track.

The single did just as he expected. And with another decade of records with similar style and following that was powered by the club scene in Miami, Uncle Luke continued his reign as the bass king, helping him remain a 100 million dollar man and the raunchiest man in music history. The black Hugh Heffner.

PREMIERE: See You Soon – Passenger Seat (Shotgun)

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UPCOMING ALBUM: Nothing Lasts Forever | TBA

Not wasting any time with it, West Florida’s Q.Tate & GTuck come together as See You Soon, to bless us once again as they continue to prep for their debut album, “Nothing Lasts Forever”. Next up on their list is a hard-hitting, yet cruising track called “Passenger Seat”. A testament to all ride-or-die shorties and a middle finger to all of the runner ups. The duo take turns narrating their entertaining and romantic memoirs over a ACR produced instrumental. Whether you’ve found your rider or if you’re just in the mood to flex a bit, this track will surely help you get your point across.

J $tash – Very Rare Unreleased $hit [EP]

PRODUCERS: Metro Boomin; Money Kamp; Sammis Beats; Double X;
UPCOMING ALBUM: Hood Rich | Release: September 2015

The Broward raised, Japan based urban rock star J $tash lets loose an 8 track compilation of unreleased material dating back to 2013, in preparation for the release of his highly anticipated album, “Hood Rich”, slated to drop in September.

Two of the standouts being the featured tracks. “Fucked Your Bitch”  which co-stars one of A$AP Mob’s more lyrically menacing members, Nast. Produced by the certified hit maker of our era, the greedy Metro Boomin, the trio gives us a reprisal of every rapper’s favorite hobby, next to counting money. Preceded by “Lebron James”, that features Relax Rekords mate Kenny Turnup and it produced by Money Kamp. When these two come together magic is the only outcome. Using the former South Beach king as a reference to the lavish lives that they’ve been actively showcasing.

“Very Rare Unreleased $hit” proves that even his throwaways have the words “Banger” stamped onto them. With only a couple of guest appearances, this  23 minute extended play holds up well. Keeping us on the lookout for the official audio dope that we’ve been waiting on.

“Hood Rich”.

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Night Of The Living Rage: A Recap of TakeoffxLanding

Travis Scott

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Kenny Bobby, Jorgie Films, Nassacre & Pablo Vasquez

The people at Dope Ent once again bringing the state and surrounding areas to rage under one roof. The city of Tampa’s streets were filled with hundreds of Death-like personas, all ready to rage from noon till midnight. Once the festivities kicked off, the fire never died. Even when the weather turned into a shit bag, Tampa remained un-phased, still out for blood.

Experienced music producers, Henry Daher, NIck Leon, Nuri, and Cool & Dre sat in at The Ritz to discuss their influences, production, styles, and the tracks that they wished they had sampled. Between The Ritz and MF Arts, Florida’s next wave of elite visual artist displayed their installments throughout the 14 hour venture. Robert Gallardo leading the way as the curator. Unkle Luc, Rob Regis, Todd The Painter, Hanna Ali, Uzumaki, Milli, Data Synced, Julia Updegraff, and Marilyn all exposed their talents to the city, attracting rave reviews from the attendants.

A Dutch Masters sponsored Wrap Party was in effect at MF Arts. A area full great performances by a cascade of creatives that are continually pushing the culture forward. From brain-wavy sets like LeMieux‘s to addikting stage presence like Nik SB‘s. Tampa made it’s presence felt while showcasing some very talented and originally styled acts. From Betty Dawl, Gatsby, Big Baby alongside Lil Xela, Boy Wonder, OG Layla Johnson, and She.Go.

Max P

At The Crowbar is where the pressure began to be applied. 4th Quarter Quan DJ’ing setting the ambiance for the building. DoLA, one of Florida’s next promising artist came out with the poise of Julius Caesar, owning the stage and it’s spectators when he performed “Stranger Than Fiction”. They ended the set beautifully with a back to back act out of “Addikted” by Nik SB, while the man himself was posted on stage turning up along side.

She go

21 Savage followed suit, kickstarting the mosh filled venue. Tag teaming the stage with Key! and ManMan Savage. Completely tearing the knob off when he performed “Gang”, “Skirtt Skirtt”, and “One Foot”. Close by at all times, Key! retained steady control of the crowd, there wasn’t a spot on the floor lacking bounce or head bobbing. Performing with two microphones, only adding to his rock star persona.

Fat Nick

The Orpheum was next in line for arson. After the crowd was drown in by the supporting acts, Pouya alongside Fat Nick and Mikey The Magician caused total mayhem. Inciting an indoor riot with the help of special guests Denzel Curry, SDotBraddy, Yoshi Thompkins, and Wifisfuneral. Parting the sea of fans, just to bring them back together just to mosh their brains out some more. Then the New Jersey devil known as Retch took the stage. Displaying an organic IDGAF presence, that made you appeal to his performance because you knew that he wasn’t here to front, he was on stage to give the fans what they came for, and showing sincere admiration for them.

Pouya 4

Pouya 2

Although OG Maco‘s performance was cut short due to back spasms, he didn’t leave before he gave crowd the remainder of his strength and energy. ” Ape Shit” was performed with the image that the title paints falling down at times because of the pain, Maco held on long enough to give bystanders a middle finger before the crowd erupted into a “Fuck Em x3” rant.

OG Maco 2


wifi 2

The headlining venue, The Ritz is where it all came together. Wifisfuneral and Swamp Posse, both finished off the night with multiple performances, proving that they can thrive no matter the stage size. Audience members walked out with new playlists favorites with “Lightskin Trick Daddy Pt. 2” & “White Magic”. Missing two members (SKYXXX & Keez) the young men displayed rock star qualities, emphasizing on “star”.


robb 2


The entire place place erratic now, Nuri performed an electric DJ set before bringing out Robb Bank$ to “2Phoneshawty”. The crowd at an uproar as anyone would’ve guessed. Many acts started mosh pits, but Robb Bank$ demanded one for his single “Pressure”. Reminiscent of a young Zack De La Rocha. That alone could have been the headliner, but we were still blessed with two remaining acts.

Denzel 2

Denzel Curry didn’t miss a beat once he pounced onto The Ritz stage. Giving us hits “Chief Forever”, “Envy Me”, and “Ice Age”. All before having the crowd raise their arms to the sky to absorb energy for a spirit bomb. The set still didn’t see it’s highlight until Denzel brought out SDotBraddy and Yoshi Thompkins to share the wealth with his C9 family, and making the crowd explode when he brought out The Buffet Boyz and Robb Bank$ on stage to perform “Threatz”.


Full of high octane energy and attentiveness Travi$ Scott came out demanding total control during every second of his set. Stressing the importance of a great performance from head to toe. Practically performing every song on each free album and dropping inspirational gems to remind the audience that dreams are meant for reality. Ending the blood, sweat and teared set with the crowd singing “Drugs You Should Try It”, a final mosh to “Antidote”, giving The Ritz one last burst of excitement before concluding an epic night that the great city of Tampa will remember and appreciate until next time.


travis 2

travis 3

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