#WCW: The Eclectic Fashion Designer, Countess Brown

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s Women’s Crush Wednesday! Here at CitrusRap, we are always showing love to the amazing hard-working ladies in South Florida. Since there are so many influential women who are constantly grinding, we decided to highlight their extraordinary contributions to their community, weekly.

Countess Brown from Miami sees fashion more as an experience than just an aesthetic. There is more than meets the eye with her eccentric and futuristic style. Even looking through her brand, 12:AM, countess is all about detail. From eye-grabbing color palettes to arrangement of garments and fabrics, her craftsmanship is top-tier. Even putting together a variety of patterns in ways we never seen before, shows she is some to pay attention to. Brown without question, showcases that she is the future of fashion. Her creativity is endless. 

The young seamstress shows her tenacity for fashion and her eye for design. She sets an accurate example of how black women are multifaceted. After attending her 12:AM METROWAVE fashion show in 2019, she mesmerized me with her Vol.1 collection. The line revolved around “Free Earth, militant elements and being unapologetically black. Within the same year, Countess featured onto Vogue for being one of the standouts in fashion during the iiiPoints music festival.

Not only is Countess Brown is a designer but an electrifying stylist that will have you stand out in the crowd. Step into the room and you may cause people to have whiplash. In the last few years Brown has worked with notable artists such as, DynaDyne, Yoshi Tompkins, Euro Trill and Twelve’Len. It won’t be long until a high profiled celebrity would  be seen wearing her hand-crafted pieces. I imagine Solange, SZA, even the great Andre 3000 being some of the people to reach out to the Miami native.