#WCW: Meet The Multifaceted Queen, Oli VVV

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s Women’s Crush Wednesday! Here at CitrusRap, we are always showing love to the amazing hard-working ladies in South Florida. Since there are so many influential women who are constantly grinding, we decided to highlight their extraordinary contributions to their community, weekly.

You might have seen her put together a curated a mix on Instagram live, witnessing her spin records seamlessly. Perhaps you were blessed to be in her presence, to witness the lively energy she brings when she’s spinning at an event; such as Miami’s Best Life R&B Festival back in 2018.

Nonetheless, The multifaceted South Florida queen, Oli VVV is coming at our throats this year with everything to offer. From dropping bars on her colorful, self-produced single, “Impress Me”, to setting the vibes with her flawless sound selection, Oli shows that she’s a force to reckon with. The South Florida creative is making her way through this male-dominated industry by showing versatility and skill. She has the power to maneuver crowd however she sees fit is beyond impressive. Indeed, the way she weaves in and out of genres will satisfy a variety of listeners.