TGO & MCXzen F.A.M. Presents: No Labels (Event)

No Labels

PURCHASE TICKETS: via Eventbrite

South Florida-based collective TGO’s own, ASIRI and MCXzen F.A.M. are set to launch the first installment of their newest event series in Miami called No Labels. ASIRI and the team of creatives behind MCXzen F.A.M. continue to innovate with their live event performance concepts. One fye event, one big stage for up and coming artists to share, with a wide assortment of tasteful vendors and special guests.

March 1st finds the creators of No Labels in the midst of some of the city’s best musicians and lyricists, such as 3fortiori, Nikki Sky, OnStarCruz, Bison, Hazel Mulan, Asiri, Mystic The Girl, JustJohn, MUMA, 7ranquil and Lil Loly, and sounds by DJ Lupe, Lucki Brxx and DoubleCupPoso.

7 p.m to 1 a.m. Sunday, March 1st, in Miami. Purchase tickets to receive locations details. Catch them at $15, while they last. After that, the admission charge will be $20 at the door.

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