Kid Bou – Grief (Album)

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Kid Dou hails from Tampa. The premiere spot in West Florida for music and arts. As the city continues to grow creatively, so does it’s inhabitants. So it’s only right that today Kid Bou gives us Grief. A therapy session disguised as his debut album. A 7-pack of self produced tracks, walking us through a timeline where he himself had to indulge in the rehabilitation of grief and what it had to offer once the stages were complete.

Kid Bou immerses himself into the truth of reality, as he composes an outline of emotions within this project. With sounds, detailing the yin & yang of heartbreak, as the 20 year old musician deals with the pain of lies and conforming, to finally witnessing himself overcome and only wish the best for his evils. Not only with the help of his instrumentals, Kid Bou calls upon a handful of FL rising stars of the west and the more prominent south.

Each of the 7 tracks layered with in sync vocals and songwriting that perfectly capture each step and emotion. So when you hear tracks like “The Denial”, featuring Gems, as it delves into the mind of a man who just wants to cope and move forward, you just get it. And it doesn’t take much to catch the flow of the scenes as you move Forward to “The Pain” with Fukkit. From pain you have “The Anger”, featuring Cris Shimmy & Skullleleven. A malicious banger about causing pain rather than receiving. “The Depression” trails after, with one of my personal favorites “The Light” finally following after, featuring RONIN. As the remaining tracks come into scene, just as the protagonist Kid Bou begins to, we also feel a breezy sense of closure.

Kid Bou delivers a full out experience packed into just under 14 minutes of audio dope. If you couldn’t tell by the essay written earlier, Grief is a def MUST LISTEN and CitrusRap approved.

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