Oddyssey – The Grim

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Hailing from Miami, Oddyssey, has yet to become stagnant since his arrival in 2012. The all-around artist has made many transformations with his music; continuing to refine the state of which musicians develop and present their craft to the world. This time he teams up with producer Bomani, who creates what seems like a drug induced instrumental to combat Oddyssey’s dark-harmonizing flow, in the properly titled track, “The Grim”. This will serve as the Miami rapper’s first single to his upcoming release, They Made Me Do It.  Put this on repeat and just vibe. This is Xanax on wax.


I remember bein’ 16… Thinkin’ bout nothin’ but pussy (look how far that got me)
I remember bein’ 17… When everybody really tried to push me (where’d I go?)
At 18, I fell from grace
Now the mud in my cup on my face, and I know that I’m gone
And at 19, at 20, I’m at a loss

These niggas maaaan, these niggas maaaan, they really tried to slow me down
These bitches maaaan, these bitches maaan, they really can’t hold me down

I remember when this shit seemed true
I never did wrong, wrote my own songs, never act brand new
I never looked down, I always stayed round, I did my thang too
Took the xan in my hand, now I can’t even stand
Hit the bank and withdrew
In the end, we all do

I remember when the shit took conviction
They rappin’, they sangin’, they act about slangin’
They know that I’m on to ’em
Them fuckniggas
All I ever hear about is fuckniggas
All she ever wanna do is fuck niggas
All he ever wanna do is bust triggers
So don’t upset us
We too spiteful
Howl at the pain
I’m on the moon’s cycle

I believe, I believe, I believe that we all fell from Heaven
We just fell straight to Hell
I receive, I receive then I leave, then I go off the deep end, I sleep on the sun on that permanent weekend
I’m geeeeekin’

At the ghetty with a bad bitch
Young savage
You a opp nigga, show me where the badge is
Haphazardly reach for the strap and blast back
Tan khakis, a beeper, weed in the knapsack
We attack in the street, these niggas they ran back
Pussy lie bout they actions, I cannot stand that
Where you can see the gasoline refract the sunlight
Your words could have the same repercussions a gun might

Laughin’ at passerby in the street
High as fuck off the gas, and we spread out just like a sheet
I am the phantom, the last shadow you must defeat
Middle finger to media, raise your fist and repeat

I reject all this fuckshit
I am a citizen
The last bastion of hope, fire up the glycerin
Fuck fittin’ in
I’m boutta finish them
Last chance, you have time to pray
Droppin’ nuclear bombs, half life decay
Killin’ these fucks with a capital K
Put the shit on replay

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